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A Conscious Production Company

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We are Lisa Denning and Hydee Tehana who have a deep connection with the dolphins and whales as well as all of Nature. It is through the integrity of our projects that we intend to share our imagination, joy, and creativity as we remember the truth of who we are.




The Story of the Dolphins and Whales Told Through the Life of Joan Ocean

OCEAN is about the consciousness of the dolphins and whales and who “they” really are. This true story is told through the lives and experiences of Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli, who have over 40 years of being with them…90 years if you put their experiences together!


The dolphins and whales are healing and teaching us just by swimming with them and connecting with the dolphin/whale consciousness. Together, Joan and Jean-Luc have travelled the world sharing their wisdom about the dolphins and whales through swimming, seminars, meditating, films, and paintings. This movie is mind-expanding, dynamic, and full of amazing footage that will make you feel like you are right there with the dolphins and whales!

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We have published many thought-provoking books as we realize that knowledge is power

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Join us for a deep dive to nurture your soul and expand your consciousness

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